General Description And Comment

1 he turtle mine, constructed tif concrete with explosive inside. ¡» used , , primarily a. , demolition ,h-rgc. |, be de,»noted by either a, dectmal J"1" ^ ^ .T* U ^^ f™,a d"d '"'J1"* <* ZT' ^l X

or mechanical i.ze <vilh or without delay). The mine illustrated «.¡lb*» . """ hf ""T1"» ™ *JT"^* t l^il mechanical iuu?. ihe exptoaiv* for an electrical detonator. flatterie* «r a handli^la jen-

erator supply thr. current to activate the deton&tnr remolrl). The mine ia

CHARACTEIUSTIL* uaually found ûfrng jnuda or trail*, lu effectiveness again®! armored vrhidc®

T>P« ----------—---------------— — and personnel varie* with the type and nize of projectile uwd.


MjRsrriurr di*»ietrr-------------------------J in irrd view 19 »risk irruljr)

Uti&il.__________________________ ♦> id Type ____________________________________________Antipersonnel/

Ovcmll wciirf.i _____________________— 13 lb Color------------------------------------------------Varie« antivchicular

Piller------------------------------- INT Maximum diameter________________________________________________Varies


Total weight---------------------------------------Varies

Filler________________________________________________________________Usually TNT

cohcriti ao0y—v cohcriti ao0y—v

^pju UNO »0a jatcmanlcal ftjzi

^pju UNO »0a jatcmanlcal ftjzi futni 31

Pineapple Frajtrupnlation Mine €ENEICAL. DESCRIPTION AND COMMENT

TKft fiinf.a|'plf frAginentniiiin rninr ¡4 iR imi«]i»r- f^-^p^il minr rnantnirlrit nf cast iron end is Jurther identified by ¿urfacc serrations and a carrying handle. The mine haa a airwie fu» well located in one end of the body. It ij fuxed with an electrical detonator which is activated hv current from batteries or a hand-held £>>r.

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uiciaic uaoi rDUO MILL

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