General Description And Comment

The large truncated cone-shaped charge is enctised in heavy-gage »heel metal with welded scam». Ita iui>s i» a )>ull rcl«as.e or pull-friction device of unknown construction, whiidi k?> initiated when a nearby Viet Cong iug9 on »he pull wire. This rhargr is also luuiid (•• lie ««criisionully fuzed for electrical initiation. CIIAKACI ERISTICS

Unpainted nj black

11 in 22 111 TNT


Small Truncal«] Cone-Shaped Charge CENF.RAI. DESCRIPTION AND COMMENT

Tlic email iruncatcd conc-*hapcd charge U encawd in sheet metal plates rivcinJ together. A poll-frioljon fu«£ jn the *ir>all end usually initiates the r»|i)o»ivc charge; it contain* a delay element vhich allows, the Viet Cong saboteur to leave the vicinity before the explosion, Some rJur^ca Iuiyc alao Le^rii iound with electrical detonator« and wire %nth boobytrip* in the fuze nwrbanwm. char ACT ERISTICS


Turtle Charge

15 to U; lb tnt oc homemade c*pli>*ive Appro* 9 see < pull-friction)

Turtle Charge

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