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TV.e Iwiimiing (ragnienlftlien mine i* improvised from U.S. M2 bounding -nurw nr M18 trip-flan- mine caaef. A wooden cylinder slightly »mailer in diameter than the mine e is hollowed out w that a standard grenade ilie-guontiy the U.S. M26l can fit inside- Titc woodrn cylinder wilh inclosed jiTcnadc in I hen fitted inln the mine mats and ih r grenade's safely pin is cKracted. the mine is initialed electrically. either liv * baltery pack or jl hand ^i-nciaior. thr cylindtt and Kienadc ure propelled upwirrl. As ihc wooden cylinder wilii grenade lca\e.* the ctae, the handle flies oFI and initiate* the luie trair. of llir

Type____ __________— • -- -______________AnlijKTsonrfl

Color ___________________________________________________Olivcdrah nr gray

Filler_________________________________ Grenade (TNT)

Fix?*» delay____________________________________________________________3 lu 4 ire (grenade*

^wOOi tut or MINI


M M IMCtlOia Alit

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