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is applied. The upper end of the "A" frame should be laid across the hood of the vehicle and the attachment made as in Figure 3. If the nosed truck is equipped with a winch, the winch cable snould be rigged for a 2-to-l mechanical advantage, with the end of the cablc secured to the apex of the "A" frame. If a separate truck is needed because the nosed truck has no winch, a block should be attached to the apex of the MA" frame and a 2-to-l mechanical advantage rigged from the truck emplaced in front of and alined with the nosed vehicle.

Skid or "Peg Leg"

A lost or damaged rear wheel on a 4x4 may be replaced by a skid (Figure 4). A green log. about H feet long and 5 to H inches in diameter, is placed under the rear axle and uver the crust* member uf the frame. The pole should pass under the sprm* II-bulla, aluiv with the spring, and be lashed to the spring. . The vehicle may be moved by frunt wheel drive. Distance to be traveled and terrain will determine how many "pegs" will be used.

Figute * Wheels as a Winch

1. If a wheeled vehicle has no winch, its rear wheels may be used as ono. On a dual-wheeled truck, a rope with one end fastened to the wheel hub and the other end anchored can be wound up on the wheel or hub to give the same result as a winch. The enc of rope fastened to the wheels should be run between the duals and through one of the holes ir the wheel disk. A bowline knot can then be tied in the end of the rope and slipped over the end of the hub [Figure 5). By placing the vehiele in reverse, the rope will wind between the

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two duals and the vehicle will move to the rear (Figure 6). Care should be taken to place the rope through a hole in the wheel where the valve stem will not be damaged.

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 6

Figure 7

Broken Fan Belt

Replace with rope, a waist belt, or a picce of field telephone wire. The rope should be looped around the pully 3 or 4 times ard tied with a square knot.

Vapor Lock

The fuel pump will not pump vapor. This malfunction is common n hot dim ate 5 or when the engine operating tenperature becomes too high. Wrap the fuel pump with a piece of burlap or o:her cloth that ha« been soaked in water. This will lower the fuel tomperaxure enough to keep the iuel in a liquid s:ate. Cold water alone may be used when cloth is unavailable.

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