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HAWKINS MINE No. 75 & 75A and GRENADE. ters> detonators first, into slots so IGNITER & PET. NoT~8^ that red end of igniter comes under V of

Total weight of mine 2 3/4 lbs. Expl-preS?ure Plafce. Bend over metal tabs, osive filling 1 1/4 lbs. Gelignite. Min- , Disarming. Bend back the metal tabs, imurn safe spacinq. Mines are laid at a TlltJthe ?lne and slide out the 2 pre-density of one yard. ?ar<rd igniters. Note. Never force, if

Arming. Insert open end of detonator ^niters and detonators get stuck. In in open end of mineigniter and fix with that case* destroy the mine, rubber sleeve. Insert 2 prepared igni-



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