can buy others as you need them, for the cost, barring the cost of a new dental engine, is surprisingly low. As this is written I am advised that the S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co. are putting on the market an engine to sell at $25.00—lacking the motor. The shaft is made to attach to any small motor, with suitable connections.

Figure 4 shows a number of dental burrs (they are always called "burrs" and not "drills") useful to the gunsmith. These come in sizes from No. 1/2 to No. 11, ranging-from about .023 inch diameter. The No. 6 measures .067. This is a handy size for countersinking rear sight apertures, or for straight drilling where a very small hole is wanted—the pin hole in a front sight blade, for example. A number 3 or 4 round burr makes a splendid center punch. Figure 5.

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