Holzmine Antitank

This wooden box mine contains 11 lbs. of explosive, either poured or in molded blocks. A pressure block protruding through the lid operates the igniters by pushing out the safety-pin.

The mine functions when a pressure greater than 400 lbs. acting on the pressure block shears two small wooden dowels and allows the pressure block to move downwards and operate the igniters.

To prepare the mine.

(b) Take out the pressure block.

(c) Make sure that the shear block is firm, otherwise, discard the mine.

(d) Remove the exploder blocks from the central compartment.

(e) Fit a detonator into the igniter and screw it into the prepared charge.

(f) Replace the exploder charges, making sure that the safety-pin is located under the shear block.

(g) Insert the pressure block with the

red surface facing inwards. The pressure block cannot operate the mine in this position.

(h) Replace the lid and secure it with the two hooks.

To arm the mine.

(a) Remove the lid and pressure block and reinsert it with the pressure block facing the front of the mine.

(b) Replace the lid and secure it. The red surface on the front of the mine, the mine lid, and the pressure block should now form a continuous band.

To neutralize the bomb.

Remove the lid and pressure block. Replace the lid and insert the pressure block upside-down in the hole in the lid so that it can be easily recognized as neutralized.

This mine may be booby-trapped, with no easy method of attaching a cord. So, therefore, it should be left conspicuously marked for the sappers.



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