1. A tent rope may be used as a field expedient cleaning rod for all small a rms.

2. Range determination and the MM (Figure I) - A new expedient method for the rifleman to determine range with his weapon works on the principles of stadia. The stadiometric ranging method of determining distance depends on solving the triangle established by the angle subtended at the observer's position by an object of known size. The main requirement is for the iirer to gel firmly established in his mind what a length of obc meter looks like. For instance, all men measure about 1 meter from top oi head to crotch. This distance is also the size of the E*type silhouette. The average doorway of a house is twice I meter high {2 meters) as is the armored personnel carrier.

Figure I

Because the target will appear to be smaller at greater distances, an accurate method of determining how much smaller the target appears would determine the distance. With the eye positioned directly above the stock, 6.9 Inches behind and noc looking through the rear sight, the appearance of the size of the target in relation to the size of the front sight would establish the range to the target.

The front sight blade of the M14 is 6 millimeters high

The wings (or front sight guards) are 11 millimeteri high.

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