Figure 120.—Ponton bridge, 25-ton.

b. The light ponton bridge M193Û is a floating bridge capable oi carrying 10-ton traffic in one direction.

c. The heavy ponton bridge M1940, 20-ton (see figs. 119 and 120), is similar to the light ponton bridge but is much heavier and will carry 2D tons with normal construction. It can be reinforced to carry 35 tons.

d. The steel treadvxiy bridge is designed to carry medium tanks, rt has steel treadways for runways, which are em-placed by means of a truck-mounted crane. It uses special rubber pontons. 'See fig 121.)

e. The pneumatic bridge M3. made with 12-ton floats, can carry 13 tons. or. when reinforced. 18 tons. It uses regular 10-ton ponton balk and chess for the floor system. (See fig. 122.)

114 71

Txcvmr: 12L. Steel treadvray bridge.

Figojie 122.—Pneumatic bridge.

115 72-73

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