sure the solder is all melted, then tap the band back a sixteenth inch or so to assure a snug fit, and allow to cool.

Next comes the ramp. Slip it on the barrel, and with a sharp scriber mark around the lower edge of the rib where it rests on barrel also mark around rear edge of band. Remove ramp, and file or scrape the barrel lightly within these marks, using care not to take off enough metal to make the ramp fit loosely. Tin the barrel within these lines, and wipe off excess solder as before; then tin the entire inside of barrel ring and concave bottom edge of rib, wiping off excess with a pine splinter. Set barrel Tight side up in vise, warm ramp to expand it, and slip over barrel, tapping it to

position with a piece of brass or copper. Line it up carefully by setting the barrel and action temporarily into the stock and looking through the rear sight. Regardless of whether a special fixture might show the ramp to be upright or leaning, you would never be satisfied unless it looked straight to you; so I find that this eye method is perfectly satisfactory. A good test is this: if the ramp seems to lean a trifle to the right one time, then a trifle to the left next time, it is almost sure to be perfectly upright on the barrel; while if the eye shows it leaning the same way each time you look at it, you can believe your eye. Heat it sufficiently to melt the solder (no danger of its running out and spoiling the joint) and tap it in the direction required. Then set a small clamp on the rear end of the rib to hold it firmly to the barrel, and let cool. (Figure 131). When cool you are ready to remove the excess solder and repolish barrel for bluing, as described in Chapter 18.

SWEATING SCOPE BLOCKS: Scope blocks and mounts may be sweated in a similar manner except that it is not necessary to mar the finish. With the blocks or mounts located and temporarily screwed into position, mark around their edges with a scriber, then remove them and carefully file or scrape barrel or receiver, keeping well inside of the outline. Scrape underside of blocks and

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