of block with du Pont Cement, slide the block in tightly, and clamp in the vise with light pressure. When dry, the projecting top of block may be held in the vise while inside is dressed out with a hollow chisel to conform to the curve of barrel channel. Then, holding the block in vise so that handguard stands vertical, saw off recess, running back at a sharp angle almost in line with the stock and nearly at right angles to the break. Outer end of screw hole was drilled body size, the threads being allowed to take hold only in the inner end of hole, to give a good draw. This screw was then turned up very tight. Then the surplus cement was carefully scraped from the edges of the break, and the wood dressed down on edges where they showed on bottom under the action recesses by scraping and fine sandpaper. Most of this break had occurred in the checking of the grip, so all the checking was completely retraced with the V tool after the stock had been re-finished. I don't know whether this repair held, but have heard nothing to the contrary from the

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