out of all guy lines. Continue raising the poles by pulling on the guys away from the butt anchorage, at the same time giving way with the other guys. When the pole is in position, secure the guy lines to their anchorage.

Figur* 62.—Details of lashings and spars.

■ 29. Anchorages.—a. Holdfasts (sec fig. 55).—(1> Use.— Holdfasts are used to anchor a line to the ground, as for a guy.

(2) Directions tor makingr.—To make a holdfast, drive stout pickets into the ground, one behind the other, in the line of pull. Secure the head of each picket, except the last, by a lashing to the one behind it. Tighten the lashings by rack sticks and then drive the points of these into the ground to hold them In position. The distance between pickets should be several times the height of the picket above the ground.

b. Deadman (see fig. 55>.—<!) Use.—A. deadman has the same use as a holdfast except that it has greater strength, although it requires more labor to construct.

(2) Direetions for preparing.—To prepare a deadman, lay a log or timber In a transverse trench with an inclined trench intersecting it at its midpoint. Pass the cable down the inclined trench, take several turns around the log, and fasten the cable to the log by half hitches and marline stopping.

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