Mux Field Expedient

a. All loading and unloading are done oa the firing Line with the launcher on the funner'e a boulder. The mux ale le pointed down range, not toward the ground.

b. Pene protection: For temperature below 70 degrees F, the leid protective

Figure 14 Mortar SO mm, muat be vom.

o. The weepon bola* bf the recoUlees principia ha« a daager xon* lo Iba rear. R la triangular la *h*pe- and ooneiet* oí thre* cone*. Beíore flrlng a rooket, olear Iba area to fche rearofth* launcher oí pereoonel, material, aad dry vegetattoa aa Indlcated la soné AbB.


4. Caer tone A, Uve blaat area»oí all pereonnel, ammunitlon, matan ala, and inflammable* auch aa dry vegetatlon» The dacger In thie ¿cae la from the blaat oí dame to the rear. Clear zona B oí pereonnel aad material ualcee protected by adequate ehelter. The principie daager la tone B la from the rearward fljgbt oí aoaale elaaure and/or lgniter wlrea. Aa additlonal laíaty factor for traíala« La contalned la tone C.

1* Oaxactart atice? !• Smooth bore b. Húmale loaded o. High aafle-oMlre

Figure 14 Mortar SO mm,

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