the worse the condition. The best thing to do is treat the place with shellac as described for windshakes, after first soaking the spot with shellac thinned down with alcohol until scarcely thicker than water. Let this dry, then burn in the thick shellac several times, and sand off. If this doesn't cure the trouble, throw the stock away—and swear. The latter injunction is doubtless superfluous.

Very small "pin" knotholes can be plugged. Whittle out walnut splinters to fit, dip them in du Pont Cement, and drive them in, cut them off flush, and sand smooth.

Larger knotholes are sometimes plugged, and sometimes filled with Plastic Wood. The best way is a combination of the two methods. Find a scrap of walnut with a knot about the right size. Whittle and file this knot until it fits the hole easily. Coat inside of hole with du Pont Cement, then a layer of Plastic Wood. Coat the plug with the cement and drive it snugly into the hole, letting the plastic wood and surplus cement squeeze out around the edges. Let this dry at least 48 hours, file off smooth, and sandpaper.

After all defects have been repaired and the stock cross-sanded, it should be sanded lengthwise of the grain with Number 1/2 sandpaper or garnet paper, when it is ready for the final sanding and finishing as described in Chapter 13.

FITTING TWO PIECE STOCKS. When the principles and practice of inletting and shaping have been learned on any one stock, the worker will be able to go ahead on almost any other kind of stock with little difficulty.

These principles vary, however, with the two piece stock, on which some further instruction may prove helpful. On the bolt action stock the action is bedded straight down into the wood. With a two piece stock, the tangs must be let down and back into the grip portion, and a clamp like Figure 28C is the first essential. This may

Fit. 91

be made of two 3/8 inch bolts about 15 to 18 inches long, and two pieces of cold rolled steel 1 inch by 3/8 inch, and 4 1/2 inches long.

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