consists of a small and compact motor all nickled and shiny, and with about six feet of rubber covercd flexible shaft; the business end of the shaft is attached to a nickeled tool about ten inches long which serves as a handle. In the end of this is a small chuck in which Doc holds his burrs, drills, carborundum wheels, and other implements of torture designed for proselyting Christian Scientists from the true faith. The chuck is arranged so that the burrs and wheels may be mounted at right angles to the handle if desired. Now this chuck is removable, and in its place may be inserted another chuck with a head which converts the rotary motion to a hammer motion—in other words, converts the gadget into a miniature riveting machine. After this brief explanation, consider the following suggestion: Next time you call on your dentisr, control your feelings and temper if yau can; but if he tortures you beyond human endurance, then slay him with the jaw-bone of an ass or whatever is handy—and don't leave the place empty handed. Steal his dental engine and as many of his tools as you can stuff in your pockets. Also loot the body of any spare change you may find.

(Rather than bothering about a dentist's drill, go to any hobby shop, a veil-stocked hardware store, Sears etc. and buy a Dremel Moto-tool or its equivalent. All or most of the burrs, vheels, etc., are stocked).

If you hesitate to pursue such a course, then your best bet is to make your peace with your local tooth puller and tell him your troubles. If he happens to be a gun-crank,—and a lot of them are, for some reason—he'll understand at once. If he hasn't an old obsolete engine that you can talk him out of for a song, he will be glad to help you select the type you need, and will probably order it for you from his supply house. And his experience with the various tools and attachments will enable him to offer many helpful suggestions— moreover, he will likely make you a present of a double handful of old burn, too worn for use on teeth, but fine for metal. And you

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