4. PREPLANNED FIRES. In addition to engaging appropriate visible targets, which have priority at all times, the squad members must be able to deliver preplanned fires during periods oi extremely limited visibility. These fires can be used to cover likely avenues of approach, anticipated enemy automatic weapon positions, and probable snerr.y assault positions. Such preplanned fires would be delivered on order only and could be used to break up an enemy attack txsfore it reached the assault stage. Preplanned fires can also be used to provide mutual fire support within the squad by having individuals cover portions of adjacent sectors that arc defiladed from other squad members. The field expedients for delivery of this preplanned tire must be emplaced and their alignment verified during daylight. Preplanned fire data should be recorded on a range card or sector sketch.

a. RIFLES AMD AUTOMATIC RIFLES. Preplanned graarng fire can be delivered with rifles and automatic rifles by using field expedients as shown in Figures 6 and ?. The weapon is placed in the rests and aeroed to hit the desired point or cover a sector with grazing fire. The rests are adjusted so that when the weapon is placed in them, it will be pointing in the desired direction and will hold the weapon at the desired elevation. To firs irom the rest, the individual places the weapon in the rests with his right shoulder firmly against the butt. He can deliver grasing lire across his sector or at * point target as rapidly as be can manipulate the trigger. Hs must hold ths weapon in the rests in the exact position in which it was held when it was sighted in. By using additional stakes (Figure 6) or a hoxisontaJ board or log

Figure 6 26

(Figure 7], the individual can align die weapon for grasing fire along more than one line or co covcr an entire sector depending on the terrain.

Figure 7

b. GRENADE LAUNCHERS. Preplanned high angle fire can be de-livsred with grenade launchers by using che field expedient shown in Figure 8.

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