pher by stirring with a wooden stick or rotating in a tightly closed container.

(c) Add a few drops of potas slum nitrate solution to the dry mixture and blend to obtain a thoroughly wet paste. Then add the reat of the solution and stir.

(d) Pour the mixture into a shallow dish or pan and allow to stand until It svaporates to a paste-like consistency. Mix the paste thoroughly with a wooden stick to assure uniformity and set aside for further drying.

<e) When the mixture Is nearly dried, granulate by forcing through a piece of wire screening. The granules are then spread thinly and allowed to dry.

e. Improvised Fuse.

{1) String Fuse-(Hot) 3/4 cup water, 1 teaspoon potassium chlorate-boll 90 minutes.

(2) String Fus«- soak In gasoline and dry. Burns slowly.

(31 String ruse-<Cold) 3/4 cup water, 2 teaspoons potassium nitrate.


(It 7.8 parti poUdMtoa uirtt* or • odium mtrat», 14 porta etoroo«i. 1 part Milpdhur {no ¿«tofiatcr» Just fuM)

(3) I p*ru »odium chlorite, i ¡>*na CoeUia La t pipa {tx> óm-

IcmOar. )ultuM)

Figure 20 c. Satchel Charge.

Fill # 10 can with mixture of ammonium nitrate and melted wax« stirring vigorously to Insure a complete mix. Prime with small amount of 04 or TNT before mixture hardens. Add a rope handle for oo or soient Improvised satchel charge.

Sulpber (2) Procedure.

(ft) Dissolve potassium nitrate In water using«, ratio of thrwi parta weight of wster to one part nitrate.

(b) ta a second container, dry ml* the powdered charcoal and eul-

ruine cmr*i kitaluc hahxs

corw* vtai with

corw* vtai with

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