This is an improvised box mine. This false lid has two holes to accommodate two igniters. These are fixed with detonators and operate by the shearing of a wire.

The cover encloses the top of the mine and is prevented from being accidentally separated from the mine by the metal retainers. Two metal plates on the underside of the cover insure the operation of the igniters by the pressure on the mine.

To prepare the mine.

(a) Remove the cover and insert the igniter, complete with detonator, in the holes in the false lid.

(b) Replace the cover and then put the retainers in position.

To arm the mine.

The mine prepared is armed. There are no safety devices in the igniters.

To lift the mine.

Attach 50 yards of cable to one of the retainers and pull, from under cover.

FOUR IGNITER MINE 14.25 lbB. (Wooden Box) The cover consists of a frame and a

This mine contains 5 kg. of explo- separate top piece. The latter is glued sive. In the false lid are holes near to canvas, which in turn, is nailed to each corner to take four pressure igni- the sides of the frame.


Two types of Bakelite igniters are used. But the method of handling the mine is the same in either case.

To prepare the mine.

(a) Take out the dummy pegs from the igniter holes and insert the igniters with detonators attached.

(b) Replace the cover and secure by means of the clips.

To arm the mine.

As above. There are no safety devices in these igniters.

To neutralize the mine.

(a) Examine the metal fasteners for booby-traps. If present, identify and neutralize them accordingly.

(b) Remove the cover and take out the four igniters.

(c) Replace cover upside down and leave the igniters in the upturned lid.

To lift the mine.

Attach 50 yards of cable to the rope handle of the mine and pull, from under cover.

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ANTI-TANK MINE 4 kg. TYPE 9 (Wooden Box) This is a long, rectangular box containing two striker mechanisms weth a 4 kg. charge of high explosive placed between them. Two movable covers on the lid of the mine give access to the strikers. Between the lid and the protruding base of the box are several thin pieces of wood which must be crushed before the strikers can be fired by the pressure of the lid. To prepare the mine.

(a) Insure that the wooden shear pieces are in place.

(b) Remove the lid and cock the strikers.

(c) Remove the detonator holders and insert in them the prepared cartridge and detonator.

(d)Replace the lid.

To arm the mine.

As above; the mine is armed.

To neutralize the mine.

(a) Open the movable cover and push a pen into the slot between the striker and the cartridge holder. A knife blade or similar strip of metal can also be used.

(b) Remove the cartridge holder and take out the cartridge.

(c) Replace the cartridge and leave the lid lying across the mine.

To lift the mine.

As there are no safety devices or easy method of attaching a cord to the mine, it should be neutralized, as above, and conspicuously marked. Inform sappers.

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