wider curves. Do not try to run it around very short curves, however, but use the point oi the bent file, and spacc it carefully by eye. Now deepen both these outlines with the V-tool along straight sections and wide curves. On narrow curves, use the small veining chisel mentioned in Chapter 3. This double border line should he about the same depth as the diamonds, and spaced the same. Fancy triple border lines are out of place on curved designs, as the three-cut border tool will not follow the curves. A single outline is in still better taste, but should not be attempted until you have had considerable experience. The double line is recommended as being neat, and is a help in hiding any small marlo where the tool has run over the first outline.

Inspect the checking carefully, touching up the lines at ends with the file, and deepening slightly where necessary. Finally, give the checking a good scouring with stiff brush and plenty of linseed oil. Then wipe off all the oil, brush with a clean brush, polish up

CHECKING THE GRIP. Now for the grip. Select a design to harmonize with the forend design, and if possible make pounce pattern for the end shape. The same pattern can be used on both sides of grip by turning the pattern over. First, draw a center line A—B, Figure 95, following the curve of the grip. Lay out the proper distance to form the desired shaped diamonds on this line, just as you did on center line of forend. Cut the two guide lines in the same manner after marking the outline of design and cutting it lightly. Then fill in the spacing lines as before, working on both sides of guide lines until the space is filled, then deepen these lines with the V-tool and finish as before.

In laying out a grip design, the checking should not run too far under bottom of grip, for here you get into difficulties. You arc cutting on an inside curve here—a mighty difficult thing to do,— and the less you have of it, the better you will get along. Draw a center line on bottom of grip, from rear of guard to grip cap, and for your first job, better let the checking stop 3/8 inch from this

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