There will of course be a few thousandths inaccuracy, which may be taken up with the rear sight adjustment, and this inaccuracy in fitting will amount to no more than the variation between different lots of ammunition.

After the sight is in place the sloping surface of ramp should be filed down to final shape and the surface matted. (See Chapter 19.)

Caterpillar type front sights are made in both Lyman, Marble and Sheard, and ate very desirable on a ramp, but more expensive to fit. They are supplied in heights varying by .010 inch, which makes it easy to secure the correct elevation. The approximate height should be first determined by sighting in with a dummy sight as just described, then select the height of caterpillar desired, and mark the depth of the dovetail on front end of ramp. The barrel is now clamped to the bed of a milling machine on V-blocks ┬╗et on base, with the ramp vertical. A milling cutter must be made to cut a dovetail slot same width or alightly narrower than the base of sight.

nation target and hunting sight, with interchangeable discs or reticules giving the shooter his choice of several beads mounted on either a post or a thin horizontal wire, or aperture disc or flat top post for target work. Some shooters find a sight enclosed in a hood too slow

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