b. Cut from thin cardboard a frame which gi'e* you about a !/2-inch border all around.

c. To this frame attach the reticlc pattern you have traccd, gluing the reticle pattern to what will be the underside of the frame.

d. Cut another piece of cardboard to the same outsidc dimensions as the frame, and then staple together the two pieces you r.ow have. Be sure to staple only along the sides, so that the top and bottom arc not closed.

c. Next, cut a strip of light cardboard about an inch wide and 10 inchcs long (Figure 7). On this strip, sketch three vehicles (a profile, a half-profile ar.d a head-on sketch of a tank).

f. Print* or. both sides of the frame, enough ranges for the gunner to identify the line he is using or wants to use.

g. Insert the strip into the sleeve ar>d slide in any direction depending upon the target picture wanted.

Figure 7

7. POP-UP TARGETS (Figures K-10) - handy-dandy for >5-roetei ex. pedient firing range.

a. SWe Pop-up Target (Figure 8)

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