Field Expedient Wire Laying

3. 5-Inch Rocket Launcher (Figure 9)

Dummy Rifle Grenade w/dispenser MX-306A/G (Figure 10)

2. lf no rushing «sound i* heard or is weak, cneck Air Valve. Li3ten. Remove and re»in«rrt battery connector. Listen. Insert new battery. Listen. If still no rushing sound is heard, «et is delectlvc. Send it to a repairman.

3. lf sound is hearc, push Press-to-Talk switch. If rushing sound continues, set is defective. If rushing sound ceases, blow into microphone and new sound (called sidetone) should he heard in earphone.

4. If aldetone is net heard, your set is d*f*ctive. bend it to a repairman.


~ Ground



Figure e

Figure 10

opening, butt-to-muule and running long axis of the poncho. Operating rod tundles face toward the center.

c. The lace» are Ukcn out of both individúala1 boots. Socks are used to pad the front amJ rear ftighis.

d. Packs are placed inside and at the ends of the two weapons.

e. Cloth*ok i* then neatly folded and placed inside the wcaposs and the packs. Care should be taken to place clothing inside as level as possible.

f. Harness and webbing arc placed atop the clothing. If helmets have been worn, they are placed atop the packs.

g. Boot* are placed atop the harness and attachments.

h. Both members of the buddy team move to ihe flank of the raft and

fold up aides oí the poncho over the top oí the equipment. Snap together all snap» on the »ides.

i. Working together at the center. the buddy team begins rolling the sides oí the poncho toward the equipment. Roll tightly and together so that the roll does not become loose. The poncho is rolled tightly down to the equip* meat.

j. Roll the poncho out to both ends, keeping as tight as possible. At the ends, twist the poncho to form a pig-tail. Keep the pig~tail tight.

k. While one member of the buddy team holds the pig-tails to keep them from untwisting the ocher member ties the pig-tails tightly together with one oí the boot laces.

1. Spread the second poncho on the ground, neck closed and facing up. If more Dioyancy is desired, brush and grass may be placed between this poncho ar.d the first.

m. Place the equipment bundle formed with the first poncho in the second por.cho with the pig-tails facing downward.

n. Roll the sides of the second poncho the sarr.e as the first. Tie off the pig-tails with the second boot lace.

o. The third and fourth boot laces are tied around the endo oí the rait

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