Never stand a plane upright on the bench when through using it. It should always be laid on the side to prevent the edge becoming damaged. Wherever you keep your planes when not in use, cither lay them on their sides, or else have them blocked up with thin strips of wood.

Never drag the plane back on the edge of bit during the return stroke. Either lift it completely off the work, or at least lift the rear end, letting the frame ride on its point. Nothing ruins the cutting edge so quickly as dragging it back on the work after the cutting stroke.

CHISELING: Next in importance to the gunsmith come the chisels used in stock inlctting. I have mcntiancd the J. B. Addis

Fig. 33

Fig. 33

wood carving chiscls as being best for this work. If you do not have these, then your carpenters' chisels and guuges must be ground with a much longer bevel than the carpenter or cabinet maker uses— grind the bevel from half again to twice as long. Also, it should be a rounding bevel instead of straight.

Carving chisels, or any others used for stock making, should have a double bevel. The most pronounced bevel is of course on the bottom or outside ; but the top or inside of blade should also be slightly beveled, contrary to the custom of other woodworkers, who bevel chisels on one side only, like plane bits. And both bevels must be very long, gradual, and slightly rounding—the bevel running off into :he line of the blade without any definite stopping point. Figure 33 shows a number of carving chisels properly sharpened.

Your chisels will come to you only rough ground, probably with a thick unfinished edge. Use the coarse side of the combination

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