1. Before placing a battery in a radio set, peel the cellophane off the sockct. U you do not. you will Ioob toux contact when good contact is desirou* going underneath the boot lace tied to the pig-tails.

p. The raft is now ready to be placed in the water.

2. To protect your equipment, remove the battery when the equipment is not in use. This precludes battery acid damaging internal components.

3. Sub-freezing temperatures will aifect the batteries uaed in the AN/ PRC-6 and -10 radio sets, making them ineffective as a power source. Such batteries ma/ he restored to use. Carry spare batteries inside your field jacket keeping :hem warm with body R&uite batteries Iron» jacket to equipment when a loss of power is noticeable.

Storage of Commo Equipment

RolI ¡na the edgei oF inner poncho.

RolI ¡na the edgei oF inner poncho.

End» of Inner poncho or* twisted.

End» of Inner poncho or* twisted.

D-aroettr (Inches)

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