to shooting, a stock without a cheek piece have developed an instinctive habit of cocking the head slightly to the right—and they do this irrespective of the thickness of the comb. The cheek piece merely provides a positive and controlled method of canting the head, thereby lessening the time required to line up the eye with the sights, and providing a firmer hold.

The forward end of a cheek piece as described should fall at a

Fig, 50. Upper Wlaeien—Lower Baker cheek piece

point from 11/4 to 2 inches back of the comb—assuming that the Referring again to Figure 51 note that the cheek piece does not comb is set well forward as it should be. There is a type of shooter, add any thickness to the comb or upper edge of stock; the thickness however, who "crawls" his stock, shoving his head forward almost starts increasing, of course, immediately below this edge, and con- touching the cocking piece or hammer—and for him a cheek piece tinues to the bottom ed?e of cheek piece. The cheek piece is not like Figure 52 is of more value. A similar cheek piece is shown in

Figure 53, this being an old Stevens Schützen stock, on which the cheek piece is extra full and rounded out to what should have been the thickness of the stock itself—if they hadn't made their butt plates so blamed narrow in those days! The type shown in Figure 52 should have the same cross-section formation as the ones previously described, it being merely carried forward.

A friend of mine recently made the stock shown in Figure 54 for a M. 22 Springfield, and uses it with the keenest delight. He is a "stock crawler" in every sense of the word—virtually wrapping his right eyebrow around the sight disk and resting his cheekbone where the grip ought to be! He made this stock out of one of the most beautiful pieces of burl walnut I ever hope to see, and I'd have given a leg, almost, for the privilege of working it into one of a more Christian shape; nevertheless, if this stock fits him and handles right for him, I can't blame him a bit for using it.

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