Ihe one piece bolt action stock was chosen for discussion first, because if embodies practically all of the points found in other stocks, and some of its own besides. Two piece stocks, as required on various single shot rifles, should follow pretty much the same lines as the ideal one piece stock. There are certain features of the actions, however, that may necessitate modifications. For example, the long upper tang may force the stocker to cut the comb back further than it should be. A straight lower tang may preclude the possibility of using a pistol grip. On most single shot actions this lower tang may be bent to form a fairly good grip, but on sonie repeaters this is impossible, due to action parts extending back into the stock.

customer to his own ideas. Details of this job are described fully in Chapter 30. A comparison of this with the original factory design shows very clearly the increased beauty and improved Iiandling qualities possible as a result of re-designing and hand workmanship.

The Farquahrson falling block S. S. action, made in England has it« lower tang well «happd for a full pistol grip. (Figure 68) American gunsmiths have awakened to the possibilities of this splendid action, and a good many of them arc being imported and fitted with American made barrels and stocks.

Figure 69 illustrates a 22 caliber target rifle on Martini action first designed by Mr. Russel Wiles. This is an unusual stock, and an unusual forend, but well adapted to the particular use for which the gun was designed. The sights, both front and rear» are removable, and the stock is made so straight and with comb so high as to give the same drop dimensions when using telescope, as when the scope is removed and iron sights attached. The beaver-tail forend is unu9ally heavy and stiff, with its forward section to which the sling is attached, forming an abutment against which the crotch of the hand rests in firing. This permits a very rigid hold with Tight sling, and eliminates the discomfort of the front swivel digging into the back of the hand.

The beaver-tail forend is preferred by many target shooters, and while somewhat clumsy in appearance it permits of a very steady hold, in its usual form the cross section is about like

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