Continue the forward line up both sides of the stock, squaring irom top edge. Lay the blank along side the original stock, and with try square and sharp pencil mark cross lines where each shoulder appears in the original. Now set the blank straight up in the vise, and with a 7/8 inch augur bit bore a string of holes through the portion where the magazine is to be let in. If this is your first job, better use a 3/4 inch bit to play safeā€”it just means a hit more chisel work, but it is safer, in case the bit shculd run a trifle sideways. Bore until cnly the point of bit comes through the wood.

Fig xo and then finish from the other side. If the point is missing the center line you can center it from the other side, and possibly' avoid trouble.

INLETTING: At the forward end, where the brad holding the templet was driven in, drill clear through with a 1/2 inch augur bit, centering the spur in the brad hole. Now take a steel straight edge or ruler, and a very sharp, thin bladed knife, and cut down deeply alon? all rhe straight lines, turning the point of knife a trifle toward the ccnter, and using care not to enlarge your outline. Use a 1/8 inch Number 9 or 10 Addis chisel for cutting the round corners of the magazine mortice, and a 3/8 inch Number 8, 9, or 10 for cutting around the extreme ends. (See Chapter 3). Make these cuts of the outline about 1/8 inch deep then remove the wood by cross-cutting with a very shallow gouge, such as a 7/16 inch

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