or less according to caliber. Let it soak a few minutes, pour out the water, and refill it again several times. Then get busy with a good wire brush and see what you shall see. If dry crusts show after the first scouring, soak it some more. If they still show, slip a foot or two of rubber tubing over the muzzle, and hold the barrel filled with water over a gas burner until the water boils hard— hold the end of tubing up high to prevent the water running out. A few minutes boiling will loosen a surprising quantity of filth and corruption and other assets of the Republican party—and it won't din unr hwhl'hi ilnt m tuuuiunuiun tuuuiunuiun mrt«i*'M.uni3

Fig. 162

Fig. 162

hurt the barrel a bit. After boiling, scour out again with the brush, clean thoroughly with oil or solvent, dry, and wash in hot water and soap. Then rinse and dry, and swab the bore with the well known pickling solution of 1 part sulphuric acid in 9 parts water. Then rinse again with clean hot water, dry, and oil. Most likely youH find you've taken the pawnbroker to a first class trimming— which is as it should be.

If the barrel then shows lead, clean it out as already described, and lap the bore if necessary—provided you think it will stand it, or can get bullets the correct size.

SHOTGUN BARRELS. Mighty few men give a shotgun barrel much if any cleaning—and few consider shotgun cleaning sufficiently important to warrant taking the gun to a smith to have the bore cleaned out. It is important, of course, and a shotgun barrel should be kept just as bright and spotless as a rifle or pistol barrel if one wishes to throw an even pattern with a minimum of deformed pellets. When a barrel has been badly neglected it can often be polished out good as new, without seriously altering its shooting qualities—in fact, likely as not the slight enlargement toward the breech may in effect increase the choke and improve the pattern.

A rusty or pitted shotgun should be handled in about the sapae manner as described in Chapter 31 for overboring. Before rigging up a revolving polisher however, try draw polishing with a good tight

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