screw with head 1/2 inch in diameter. Any machine shop can make this in a few minutes. The head should be about 3/8 inches in depth, and should have a No. 25 hole drilled through it from side to side. The threaded portion should be 1 inch long, and may be cut short as required after it is finished. 7/32 x 32 is the best size >'f the screw is to be attached to a barrel band through the forend. If a butt swivel screw is needed, use the coarscst possible thread, so that it will hold in the wood without pulling out.

Figure 133 shows the screw blank before it is threaded, and iront and top views of the head. If you have no lathe and buy these


from a machine shop, have them leave the head cylindrical as A, Figure 139. Then you can file it to the shape shown in Figure 139B, or shape it up on the emery wheel. An easy way ri> do tliis is to slip a No. 25 drill through the hole in head. Hold the drill in right hand, with head of screw resting on tool rest of grinder, point of screw held in left band. By rocking the point up and down while the head is held against the wheel by means of the drill, the grinding can be perfectly controlled, and the head almost finished on the grinder.

A cheap substitute for these lathe made screws is a 5/16 inch hexagon head cap screw (S. A. E. standard). This head is just 1/2 inch diameter between the flat sides. By grinding or filing it round, and drilling the hole through it for the swivel it does very well, although the screw portion is really a bit too large and thread too coarse for best practice. This will cause the swivel to loosen and turn sideways if the strain on the sling is in that direction, but it cannot of course make more than a quarter turn.

A screw of the type described may be fitted through a hole in the forend and into the stud on underside of barrel band. The detachable swivels may be instantly snapped on or off, and when the sling is not being used, the heads are small and inconspicuously "streamline" in appearance.

But suppose we want to use the wider strap, for which detachable swivels are not available. A fixed swivel is easily made from the same screw, as follows: Take one of the links already prepared, and spread the ends sufficiently so that one end can be pushed clear

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