transmit and receive; however DO NOT depress the push-m-talk switch to transmit or receive. When it is the receiver that i* defective you may use the transmitter to communicatc; however you MUST DEPRFSS the push-to-taik switch for both transmitting and receiving.

TA-312/PT Externcl Power Source

On thp lace of the telephone TA-312 there are two chrorr.e screws marked "Bat." Tnese two screws are for applying a field expedient method of connecting an external J-volt power source such as twe EA-23 batteries in series-This method can be used when no BA-30 batteries are available (See Figure 8).

Some batteries with 1/2-volt sections: BA -386 (PRC-25 batteries) BA-279 {PRC- 10 batteries)

BA-270 {PRC-6 batteries)

Portable Radio«--Immediate Action ÀN/PRC-10

t. If other station doc« not answer, check operation of your set. Tnrn "Off* Remote - On-Cal11 switch tc On position« ''Squelch control* off (counterclockwise), "Vol" ( Volume) control full on (clockwise); tighten antenna connection and listen for rushing sound in handset.

2. If rushing sound is not heard or is weak, remove and re-insert battery connector.

J. If rushing sound is not heard or continues to be weak, change battery.

4. li rushing sound is still not heard, change handset. If none of these steps it effective, your set is defective. Send it to a repairman.

5. If rushing sound is heard, push Prèss-to-Talk switch. If rushing sound continues, change handset. If rushing sound continues, your set is defective. Send it to a repairman.

b. If calibration signal was not hearc, change battery and try calibration

BA-270 {PRC-6 batteries)

Figure 6

TA-312/PT Visual Signal

It is possible to receive a visual signal with the Telephone Set TA-312/ PT by connecting an adapter plug. U-IB4/GT, to the binding post and turning again- If set will not calibrate, communication may be possible by proceeding the volume control to the low position.

as if the set would calibrate and tuning in the vicinity of your assigned channel until a station in your net is heard. This dial setting can be assumed to be your correct channel letting.

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