But a more workmanlike method is to alter both trigger and sear as shown in Figure 172. First grind out all of the fulcrum A, which lets the sear spring force the trigger back so that fulcrum B is in contact with receiver. This gets rid of the take up or preliminary pull immediately. Now we have a single pull, but a gosh-awfully long, draggy one, due to the contact between sear and cocking piece. We now grind off top of sear point, beveling it forward slightly as indicated by dotted lines at D, Figure 172. Work slowly



here, and try the parts frequently. Finally, when the pull has only a little drag, it is stoned out by polishing off both contact points on sear and cocking piece.

To further improve this type of pull, some gunsmiths have used the roller stunt shown in Figure 173. The end of trigger is annealed, and a slot milled in the end, into which is fitted a small hardened steel roller, on a hardened steel pin. The roller should turn freely without being tight. The sear point should not be ground off until the roller is fitted, as the roller has the same effect as building up trigger slightly, or of pulling down the sear.

The roller is really an unnecessary rinctum—more of a talking point than anything else. If the end of trigger where it bears against the receiver is polished smooth—and the receiver surface also—no roller is needed. Mighty few shooters ever look for trigger trouble on the bottom of receiver where the trigger bears. Sometimes a few strokes with a stone at this point will work wonders—and the shooter will wonder how on earth you ever did it!

SPEEDING UP LOCK TIME. Having adjusted the trigger pull to his satisfaction, the gunowner will next desire to regulate the action of the rifle for easiest operation and quickest possible lock time. If a bolt action arm, the polishing of the bolt and cocking cama as previously described is the first step. In other types of action, similar polishing and careful hard fitting to eliminate friction will make the action work much more smoothly and easily. Speeding up lock time is accomplished in a number of ways, depending upon

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