the strap. The method of forming the band is clearly shown in Figure 146. A piece of square steel the same width as the base of band is to be made is taped or wired to the barrel as shown; a U bend is made in the band stock, and the piece then "straddled" over the barrel, and the vise set up tight. The base is made by milling or filing a hollow approximately the same as the curve of the barrel in is really better than the single swivel screw, as the latter may loosen and turn sideways from the pull of the sling, while a base of this kind is always in line.

Figure 148 shows an excellent swivel band for use on rifles where the forend is not fastened to the barrel. This band is stretched and peened to fit the barrel two or three inches ahead of the forend, and sweated into place as described in Chapter 23. The stud portion is made 1/2 inch wide and drilled with a No. 25 twist drill. The shaping of this stud by filing requires careful work, but the appearance warrants the effort required. Make the band of thick walled Shelby tubing, in the same manner as other solid bands are made. It may be soldered to the barrel before the final filing, the band dressed down to 1/32 inch thick or less, and barrel and band polished to-

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