The insert in Figure 204 shows the gun as it looks today, after the aggressive "Native Son" finished with it. The top strap of frame was straightened out, and the break, which occurred in the rear sight dovetail, welded, then a new dovetail cut for the sight. A new cylinder fitted perfectly, as the frame was bent into line again. The gun today seems as goad as ever, having been shot considerably with full loads with no sign of weakening or giving Avay. I may remark that I have never seen a finer job of welding than was done on this gun. The weld is absolutely invisible, and appears one piece of metal, although Mr. Titherington merely heat blued the strap,

Fig. 202

one magazine, it looks more like something the cat had dragged in after it was run over with a harrow. Carl's hand is very heavily mtiscled in the crotch nf the rhtsmh, and the improved grip safety didn't help him a bit—if anything, it gouged out the flesh even worse than the old model. Despite his liking for the .45 Auto, he had definitely decided to discard it for good, when I suggested the remedy illustrated in Figure 202. The photo shows how the gun

Fir 204

locked when rhe job was finished, while Figure 203 shows the

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