Figuxe 141.—Method of fastening bnr-and-rcd steel plank (Similar connection used with Irving grid.)

8en0 bûfi cut w t-» crm pi no tool afll* aàsewelv to ho loi' band im place


Figure 142.—Detnll oi connector shown in figure 13Ô.

(2) Water supply facilities.

■ 86. What to do About it.—a. The things you see are useful only if the Information can be used, in time, by your commander. Once information is secured by a reconnaissance scout, the first thing to do is to get it to the commander in lime to be of use. A Utile information in the hands of the commander is better than a lot of information in the hands oí a scout who arrives toa late.

b. Your information should be In writing and arranged in an orderly manner. Your notes should include as many of the essentials as you have time to ñnd out. When you come back you should be able to point out on a map the location of everything you saw.

136 87-S9

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