order, to fit the shooter. Yet—and heres where I get scalped— the stock has not yet been built which really conforms to the physical characteristics of the human hand; and probably it never will be built—at least nor unless and until our firearms are completely redesigned, which seems doubtful. The reason for this may be understood from Figure 43. By closing the hand, as in grasping the grip of a rifle stock, it will be observed that the.lower joint of the fore-

Anger is in prolongation of the forearm (a, Fig. 43), and not at a forty-five degree angle with same, which position it is forced to assume in grasping any stock (b, Fig. 43). The exception to this is the grip of almost any automatic pistol. Here the hand is in a natural, comfortable position, the forefinger in the same horizontal

plane as the trigger—not reaching down to it from above as when shooting a rifle, shotgun or revolver.

From a strictly utilitarian standpoint, then, our ideal stock should assume something like the shape shown at Figure 44, giving a grip similar to that of the automatic pistol. With present actions this is not possible; and if it were, we should soon tire of it, by reason of the ungraceful lines of such a stock. A gun—any gun—should

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