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a. Alrooolad b. Semi-automatic o. Gea operated d. Should er weapon e. CUp loaded a. Maximum effective rangĀ« (BOO yd a)

b. Maximum range (3 >50 yds) o. Clip capaolty (8 rda)

M|ura a Colt AJt-15, Cal .223 (Radaaig&atad M-ll Rifla)

1. Characteristics:

t. Cas operated b. Air cooled c. Semi of fully automatic d. Shoulder weapon s. Magazine fed a. Maximum range (2532 yds)

b. Maximum effective range (500 yds)

Figure 21. Marking of landinĀ« aonea for uee by rotsay-'wlag aircraft.


Figura 1 Carbine Cal .30, Ml 6 M2

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