VI. Automotive« Bellied Tracked Vehicles


'A" Frame

Very often vehicles become high ccnlcied on stumps, rocks, dry ridges or in mire. In this pasition. tracked vehicles arc helpless because both tracks are held clear of the ground and cannot get enough traction to move the vehicle. To recover a vehicle bellied on an obstacle attac.n a log to both tracks at one end oi the vehicle. U there is no log available, connect the two tow cables of the tank together and, using the towing hooks of the vehicle, attach to both tracks (Figure 1). Then apply power gradually to the tracks; the log or tow cables will strike the obstacle and move the vehicle. Care must be taken to stop the vehicle when the log cr cable reaches the rear or front of the tracks, or it will damage the fenders and to* cable. A log should be used in mud.

Figuro I

"Ihis expedient provides both lift and tow. To construct an "A" fratne. two poles ab^ut b f*et l»>ng ¿nri large enough in diameter to support the front pnd ol the truck will be needed. The poles should be lashed together at the top by a figure-8 or girth hitch (Figure 2)v The lower end« should oe placed in the ground 10 to 12 inchc* deep to prevent them from sliding when power

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