chinery supply houses in large rolls, of one, two, or three inches in width. Most firms will sell it by the yard, from the roll, and three or four yards will last a long time in the small shop. The large shop will find it economical to buy it by the roll. The size of grit needed will be 00, 0, and 1/2.

To show up the small flats left by the striking, cut a strip of 00 emery or carborundum cloth 3/4 inch wide and about a foot in length. Grasp the ends firmly in each hand and use it as shown in Figure 121—just like shining a shoe with a rag. Very gradually, move from one end of the barrel to the other, using very light pres

sure. This will cross-polish the barrel for about half its surface, then it should be turned over in the vise, and the under side polished in the same manner.

Now you can see the small flats left by the file. If they are very pronounced, they may be partly eliminated by again cross-polishing with No. 0 abrasive cloth.

And then you are ready for the "DRAW-POLISHING" which is the same as draw-filing, except that the abrasive cloth is used instead of the file.

Cut a hardwood stick ten to twelve inches long as shown in Figure 122 with semi-circular notches in two or three sizes- These may be cut by first making the stick wider than wanted and boring holes in it with the proper sized bits, after which half the stick is ripped off and discarded, or may be saved for a "spare." The working surface should be lined with a piece of thin leather—about the weight used in the upper of a shoe or a piece of thin strap. This should be firmly glued to the wood, to form a slightly resilient base for the abrasive cloth. The cloth may be shellaced to the leather, but a better way is to coat both the leather and back of cloth with thick rubber cement and let it dry for ten minutes. Then press the cloth in place and it will remain until worn to the point of uselessness, when it may be readily peeled off, and a new strip cemented in place.

The round notches in this polishing stick should be of such a size as to fit easily over the barrel after the leather and cloth are applied. They should not fit the barrel tightly, or they will make

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