to turn out a creditable job. Thus a magazine picture ot a game head, floral or other design can easily be cut out and made into a pounce pattern, transferred onto the stock, and the design burned in. Very fine shading of detail is possible, as almost hair-lines can be mace with the platinum point. The same point will make large deep round or oval dots which give a splendid grip.

Fig. 90

For pyrographic decoration the work must be perfectly dry, clean and free of oil, paint, varnish or filler. Any of these will ruin the thin delicate point, and usually break it. Do the work before any finishing or polishing has been done. When the background work is finished, take a stiff bristle brush, or better, a brass wire brush, and brush out all the charred wood, making it as clean and free of dust as possible. Then oil over design and all, but scrub excess oil out of the burned areas before it dries.

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