Pictnuc 97.—Splicing detonating cord.

Fig^tes 08.—Attaching branch. line of detonating cord to main line.

FUZE TO WHICH FLAME is transferred


TO IGWITE, RUB ABRASIVE SIDE CF MATCH BOX AGAINST HEAD OF MOTCH Piotirk 100.—Fuze lighter made with match.

90 53

to the cap wires to insure that it is neither shortcircuited nor broken. To do this, separate the two wires at the free end of the reel, and touch the exploder end3 or the wires to the galvanometer posts. The galvanometer needle should not move; if it does. It indicates a short circuit which must be repaired before the firing wire can be used. Next, twist the two free ends of the firing wire together. Then touch the exploder ends of the wire to the galvanometer 'posts.

Fxgorx 101.—Correct method oí splicing wires.

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