strong as the metals joined, it will nevertheless resist any normal strain it is likely to receive, and will "stay put" until the solder is removed by melting.

In soft soldering two principle methods are in common use. The first involves the flowing in of the solder between the metals to be joined by means of a heated soldering copper; the second, and more useful method for the gunsmith, is known as "sweating," or "sweat to retard oxidation until the solder has taken hold. Despite the soldering." In sweating, a thin coating of solder is applied to the Woo/v.

two surfaces to be joined, which should be fitted very closely. These -

Fig. 130

Pinched Together many soldering fluxes on the market, common rosin, one of the olde.t fluxes in use, remains one of the best. It is used by merely grinding or pounding up the chunks as they come from the dealer, and may be applied with a wool brush made like Figure 130, by forcing a bunch of wool yarn into a small piece of brass tubing and pinching the end together. Despite the almost universal usefulness of rosin, there are other fluxes better adapted to certain metals, as

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