(7) Date/time drop requested.

(I) Items requested. Extracted from the catalog supply system.

b, Additional Items. In special situations »additional Hems may be required, e.g., additional reference points, navigational check points In ths vicinity of the DZ, special recognition and authentication meana. 9ub-par a graphs (7) and (0) above arc Included only when requesting a reaupply mission in conjunction with the reporting of the DZ.

o. Azimuths. Aiimuths are reported as magnetic and In three digits, with the exception of the aircraft track, all axlmuths arc measured from the center of the D2. Appropriate ehhrnrletinne are u«a<i.

(1) Coastlinee. A coastline wlthbreaklng eurf Is easily distinguished at night. Mouths of rivers ever 50 yards wide, sharp uprisings, and inlets are excellent guides .'or both day and nlfht.

(2) Rivers and canals. Wcodedbsnke reduce reflections, bet rivers more than 30 yards wide are risible from the air. Canale are easily reco£\ixafcle from their s'.raigut banks uid uniform width. Small streams ire not discernible at night.

(3) Lakes. Lakes it leastone-half mile (1 kilometer) square give goxi light reflection.

(4) Forest and woodlands. Forested areas at least one-half mile square with clearly defined boundaries of unmistakable shape.

(5) Major roads and highways. Straight stretches of main roads with one or more Intersections. For night recognition, dark surfaced roads ure Dot desirable as rP'a although w he a the roads are wet, reflection from moonlight is V181C1B.


figure teporting obstacles snd reference points

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