a. Plok a high a pot when maklngoamp. Avoid dry rirer beds, dead treee, ud ant neat*. Arold bet catos, droppings may cause rabies.

b. Do not sleep on the grouadlf you can avoid It. Uee your hammock If you have on©, or make one of poncho or tha multi-purpose net. II thla Is not possible, fcuild a platiorn of bamboo, a mail branches, etc. It trill aeaiet in avoiding insects, reptiles, ate.


o. Types of jungle ahellere:

(1} Simple paraohuto shslter made by draping a parachute over a rcpe or vine stretched between two troee.

(2* Thatoh shelter (see figure 5) made by oorerlng an A-type framework with a good thlckr.oae of palm or other wood lcavea, pieoea of bark, or mate of fraaa. Slant the thatch shingle faahLon from tha bottom upward. Thla type of shelter is considered Ideal since It can be marie completely waterproof. After you fin! eh your sheltor, dig a small drainage ditch Just cutside 1U lanea and leading downhill: It win keep the floor dry.


(5) Beda. Don't slsep on tha ground; make yourself a ted oí bamboo or amall brinehaa covered with pala tear«« (aee figura I). A parachute hammock may asrre the purpose. You can make a erode cover from tree branchaa or {•nut even tha bark from a dead tree 1» better than rvothlnj.

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