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The "Potato Masher" contains 3 1/2 or., of explosive complete with detonator. It has a hollow handle at which one end is a cord, the third part being a base cap.

The igniters are known as the B2 .24, which is a friction, time delay igniter having a 4 1/2 second delay. The igniter has a lead tube containing the explo sive, which has a wire attached to which the cord is also attached and threaded through the hollow handle. The igniter is screwed into position, with the wire and dust cap on the end of the handle.

The NB2 ,38 is the same as the BZ .24 except that it has a white band painted round the lower portion of the lead body. It is used as a smoke grenade.


The igniter used is the BZE, friction, time delay igniter.

which is Several colors of knobs are used, and the following are their delays.

4 1/2 seconds. 7 seconds. 1 second.

Instant ANZ .39 igniter, operate grenade, unscrew knob, on a cord or wire is attached. Give a

Blue Yellow Red Gray To which pull and throw.

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