x. Squares (sec fig. 26).—The try square is used to test square edges and surfaces. The steel framing square is used to measure angles and to draw the various lines needed by a carpenter.

y. Level (see fig. 27).—The level is a precision instrument. By means of the bubble <bead) In the phials in the level, the engineer can determine whether or not a surface is horizontal or vertical. When the level rests on a surface and the bead, is centered in the tube, the surface is level.

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■ 10. Power-Driven Tools.—The power-driven tools used most frequently by the engineer are tools driven by compressed air from the mobile air compressor unit. These tools save much timé and labor, and each engineer soldier should know how to use them. The tools most commonly used art clay diggers, wood and rock drills, pavement breakers, hammers, and wood saws. <See figs. 23 to 34. inclusive.) Figure 36 illustrates the gasoline timber saw.


■ 11. Materials.--Certain prepared building materials, such as standard-size lumber, are available to engineers at supply depots. However, very often the engineers must build their bridges, emplacements, etc., out of local materials found at the site of the work. Therefore, an engineer soldier must be always alert to note local materials, resourceful in his use of these materials, and quick to use them whenever he can.

® Carpenter steel square. ® Try square.

® Carpenter steel square. ® Try square.

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