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Disarming. neutralized hy passing a wire or Cord

(a) identify the igniter and neutra- through the ring in the safety-pin and li^p it. bind it around the head of the igniter. <fo) Cul trip-wire. To lift mine.' Attach 50 yards of ca-

The mod if Led igniter 2u 22.35 can be ble and pull clear, from under cover.



"This was orifinally intended as an ar.l i-ski or anti-sledge mine. Hut it may. be squall used as an anti-personnel mine in cultivated ground,

Tt consists of a prepared charge of 100 qrams, inserted in a thin metal tube' having a wooden picket about 12 inches lDncj in the base. The mine is fitted vith an ordinary tliree-prong "S" mine igniter.

To prepare mine.

(a) Insert detonator into prepared charge and screw in the igniter*

(b) Unscrew the nut on the safety-pin. To arm the mine.

withdraw the safety-pin by means of the cord attached to the ring in the pin To neutralize the mine.

Insert a nail or wire into the safety pin hole in the igniter and bend around to prevent from falling out. To lift the mine.

Attach 50 yards of cord or cable to t-h6 hole in the body of the mine and pull, from under cover.

Note. See Schu mine (next). The actuating pin in the igniter is specially designed to include an eye to which a cord may be attached,

In any mine using this igniterj particular search must be matle far such a cord, if found, this should be cut without exertion or pull. There may be a pull-igniter and prepared charge at the other end of the pull-cord. If present, 'this too should be neutralized.

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