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EP MK VI ANTITANK MINE. No. 3 DETONATOR dy. Replace lid by hinging, as with MK

Weight of mine Q lbs ho 9 1/2 lbs., V. (Approximately). Filling 4 lbs. Gelig- Disarming. Remove cover, undo one nite or 6 1/2 lbs. TNT, Minimum safe strap and hinge off. Inspect shear-wire spacing 2 yards. Testing. Remove cover of No. 3 fuse. Remove fuse and insert and straighten straps. Insert No. 3 safety pin at arms length, fuse. Remove safety pin from fuse at Note. Stack mines and fuses separat-

arms length. Insert fuse and leave safe- 1Y•

ty pin in and test for fit. Test for fit EPMK VTI ANTITANK MINE.

of lid and pressure on top of fuse. Re- This mine looks the same as the MK

move fuse and replace cover. VI with seamless sides and recessed

Arming. Remove cover. Examine shear- base. But instead of No. 3 fuse it has wire of No. 3 fuse. Remove safety pin the same exploder as used in the MK V, from fuse at arms length. Insert fuse i.e., detonator & ampule complete with and leave safety pin on top of mine bo- plunger and exploder No. 2.

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