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Figure 4

ground return. The next coil t. connected in the */ire line before it reaches the company switchboard and forma a by-paeĀ« to the other aide oi the .witch-board connecting the company to Che battalion with another repeating coil. The fourth coil U placed in the company to battalion lino at a point nearest the FDC. From this coil, a line is connected into the FDC telephone or switchboard with a grounfl ret.ro. The "Hot Lin." ia complete. Thi. permit, si-multaneous communication, ovei one wire line from the OP ta company and the FO to FDC without interference.

). Thin method of hooking up TA-I/PT telephone, in the TOE of the platoon allows the platoon to use all it. telephones through a distance of 400 meterĀ».

2. In order to communicate and to hare audio and visual signaling, the

Figure 1


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