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The Model '95 Winchester was chambered for the .30-06 cartridge and while its action was not as durable as that of a bolt action rifle, it was safe with this cartridge, provided the action was in reasonably good condition. In a sense, the '95 would not stand what the Springfield would and some time someone got the crazy idea that when ammunition was reloaded for the Springfield, it could be loaded to much higher pressures than for the '95. No doubt this was on the erroneous theory that the factory cartridge was loaded for the 95, which was not quite as strong mechanically as the 101 Springfield.

If the reader will just stop and think for a moment he will realize that the ammunition business is a highly competitive one. Each manufacturer is constandy trying to get the jump on the other with some new bullet, load or cartridge and, whether it be for better or for worse, one of the things which most quickly causes the shooting public to quit one brand of ammunition and turn to another, is velocity. The minute a manufacturer announces a load that will develop a few foot seconds higher velocity than that of his competitors, the boys flock to his banner.

But, are experience and judgment thrown to the four winds just to get a little more velocity? They are not! The ammunition makers know that to exceed the prescribed limits of pressure for any cartridge will result in a flock of nice fat damage suits from those using the ammunition be cause of injuries received from its use.

Now let us look at the tables of powder charges published by the powder companies. These companies depend for their livelihood on the sale of powder and the more powder they sell, the better their business is. They would be tickled to pieces to tell you to stuff your cartridge eases full of powder, in order to increase the consumption if it were safe to do so. They prepare their tables with exacting care, using the best of laboratory testing equipment and personnel that have had years of experience. The heaviest loads in any of these tables are the heaviest loads that should be used under any circumstances and they are not for the novice at reloading to monkey with.

Apparatus for the taking of pressures and velocities. Upper view shows clironograph room of the Hercules Powder Company's ballistic station at Kenvll, N. J. Chronograph is set for the taking of time interval as soon as the shot is flred. Lower view shows firing point with rifle set in the rest for taking of both velocity and pressure. Rifle is special pressure gun with yoke mounted over the chamber lor the taking of pressures by radial system.

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