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4. 1 "MOUSETRAP" A BRIDGE (Figure 4) - A utile ingenuity injected into '.he classroom improves the atmosphere for learning. A mou»c:rap. wh<n uBid an shown here, can simulate the blowing up of 3 bridge. The aid is most affective when constructed as follows:

a. nail the mousetrap to the »urfac« cf a eand tabic.

b. attach a light piece oi string to trie bait trigger and tun the string to thi instructor's side cf the tab'.e. Te9t trap and reset.

c. cover the trap and tiring wi-Ji sand, takir.g care not to act of/

the- trap.

d. place the end of the bridge to bo blown directly over the mousetrap's "killing bar. '' Then complete the construction of the sand table.

Similarly. mou«»traps can be placed throughout the sand table to simulate artillery, homh or mortar explosions.

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